Full arch CAD-CAM Screw retained bridge finished

Using the Straumann CAD-CAM system we milled a full arch screw retained bridge using the coron bonding material on Straumann tissue level implants (click here) getting a very impressive result.  The milling quality was outstanding, fit was perfect both on the model and in the mouth and the cost was incredible competitive.  But like all large beams, its the veneering ceramic that really has the last say so when we were veneering this (ceramics by Tony Byrne) it was a nervous moment as we had never done this before.  We had no idea wether it would distort, twist, over or under oxidise and how well the ceramic would adhere and bond.  Well the good news was, it was at least as good as our bonding alloy, maybe even better.

The fit remained as good as when it was milled with zero distortion.  The ceramic veneered beautifully and the final result is shown below.  I hope the pictures demonstrate the effectiveness of the ceramic (GC Initial).  The only negative I would say was the oxide layer on the fitting surface but that was removed with glass bead and came back to a lovely shine.  We checked the fit under x20 magnification and the fit seemed perfect.  I would like to see these fits under and electron microscope but so far, we are very happy.

The cost saving for the clinician is huge and in this case the saving in gold alone was over £1,000.  So now all we want is several more to come through the door!!


About byrnesdental

A dental laboratory owner that specialises in high end technical work on teeth and implants.
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